X Jobs

How is the jobs market evolving in the green economy era? What are the new jobs of the energy transition? As old professions evolve and new ones are born, we interpret the trends by talking to the leading figures that on a daily basis face the challenges and capture the opportunities giving shape to the society of the future.

X Tribe

Values, experiences, sense of belonging and sharing. This is what it means to be part of a tribe and this is why we want to bring you into ours! Listen to the leading lights of our global marketing community and discover how it creates ideas and winning solutions.

X Vibes

What is the energy transition and how can we reach a virtuous, zero-emissions development model? We talk about it with experts in carbon neutrality, discussing with them the ideas and best practices that will render the world more sustainable for all.

X World

Innovation and sustainability are the flywheels enabling the transition to a zero-emissions world. How are we dealing with this global process? Talking with experts we learn how things like innovative smart city solutions, changing business models and people's commitment to a sustainable future are all parts of the answer.

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